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About Western BACE

The Western Business Accelerator and Centre for Excellence (Western BACE) offically threw open its doors on the 8th May 2015. The facility is built in the City of Melton and is the hub of enterprise, community activity, and business development for Melbourne’s West.  By fostering business, education and innovation, Western BACE creates sustainable employment opportunities within the City of Melton and the western suburbs.

The centre provides support for local business and the community by offering affordable space for lease, providing business coaching, and vocational education.

Western BACE is a local government initiative built by the City of Melton with funding from the Australian Federal Government. The Australian Government provided the Western BACE project with $14.62 million in funding. Western BACE was also supported by Federation University, Victoria University, Kangan Institute, Burbank, Lend Lease, and others.

Western BACE - Annual Report 2014/2015.pdf (7.6mb)

Who Western BACE helps


Western BACE is run by an entity established specifically for its purpose. Western BACE Ltd is responsible for the day to day operations of the entire facility. The company will be distinct from any government organisation and will ensure the facility operates efficiently and in the interests of all stakeholders.


The Western BACE was built with sustainability in mind. The facility uses the latest green building technology and materials that result in a building that’s ecologically friendly as well as providing a high level of environmental comfort for all occupants.

Environmentally sensitive design

Western BACE has been designed around concepts of environmentally sensitive design (ESD). The floor plan shape, orientation of the building as well as the amount of glazing have all been carefully considered for maximum occupant comfort and environmental sensitivity.

The H-shaped building footprint maximises access to natural ventilation and allows the maximum use of daylight while keeping glare to a minimum. A thermally high performing building fabric comprising double glazing and thermally broken frames allows excellent climate control by default and reduces the reliance on additional systems.

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